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Windy City tavern gusts into Uptown

Published On 09/15/2011 Published On 09/15/2011

Proving Chicago has more to offer Dallas than just a name for our 1970s minor league hockey team (five Adams Cups, bitches!): Primebar, open for dinner tonight. Complete with a patio and two bars (one sporting 88 taps between parallel 15ft bartops), this Chi-based tavern hangs opulent photos from the co-owner/ designer's private parties on bare brick walls, and complements reclaimed TX woods with semicircular leather booths, softly illuminating everything with naked bulbs encased in wire lingerie that hopefully makes you think of Cedric Daniels and Rhonda Pearlman doing it. Nice.

Things that start both your meal and your diet's downfall include steak quesadillas spiced up with avo-mango salsa & chipotle sour cream, kettle chips supporting smoked bacon crumbles, bleu cheese & giardiniera, bacon-wrapped, buffalo-sauced, chargrilled shrimp skewers, and Sriracha deviled eggs, which pack a whopping 666 chromosomes. Big dishes that'll both make and end your night run from their eponymous brioche'd burger (w/ goat cheese, arugula, wild 'shrooms, grilled tomato & onion, and pickles), to cajun-seasoned Kurobuta pork chops, to horseradish-crusted salmon, wasabi-kicked seared tuna tacos, and an Amish chicken with teardrop tomatoes, because they are so very sad that the chicken will return to the farm after it's done with its Rumspringa.

There are as many ways to get tipsy as there are times you've gotten that way, with classic cocktails like the ODB Martini and its bleu cheese-stuffed olives, inventions like the tequila/ mezcal La Vida Loca (complete w/ black lava salt rim), and regional micros like Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Ale and an IPA called Cigar City Jai Alai. Jai Alai -- now there's a sport with promise!



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