Craft beer, delivered

Getting fresh, hard-to-find craft beer shipped to your door sounds like a crazy dream, but it can't be, as you can't have crazy dreams without beer, and yours is likely either out, or old and gross. And while you try to work through that circular logic, order some fresh craft beer now, from Beerjobber

Just out of beta today, Jobber yearns to ship you hard-to-find crafts from 20+ out-of-state breweries, all but ensuring freshness by contracting many of the beermakers to package the cans/ bottles for them directly on-site before they arrive at your place “usually within 10 days”. So get on that ish right now, unless you're Naomi Watts from The Ring, in which case maybe don't bother

They can't ship you stuff from CO brewhouses (and Abbey Brewing) due to the legality of various... who cares, but everything else on the site is fair game, and they'll even help you suss out what to drink (you probably haven't heard of much of it) by suggesting brews after you fill out a quick profile, so like Facebook, make sure yours doesn't contain pictures of you chugging crap beer

Suds you could previously never get in Mile High include cans of Bomb Lager (otherwise only available in NY) decorated with street art; a coffee/ chocolatey Oatmeal Stout from the award-winning American Brewing Co that's snagged 10 gold medals at various beer fests; and Seattle's Hilliard's, a tiny operation with a brewing capacity of only 15 barrels, meaning Jobber's likely providing them their first opportunity to get you gross.