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Get ready for some strong beers

Louisville is often ranked as one of the country's nicest places to live, with great schools, beautiful surroundings, and a lack of crime. Thankfully, it now has enough beer to counteract all that, courtesy of Gravity Brewing

A celebraish of suds dropped inside a charming suburban oasis, Gravity employs a multi GABF medal-winner to make high-grav "unique big beers" (topping out around 10% ABV), all to be enjoyed in an industrial brewhouse warmed up with a rustic, handmade bar, ping pong, bubble hockey, and pool -- fitting, considering it's a worthy place to sink your money. They'll open the doors with four taps, including

Cool Ship Wit: Perhaps their easiest drinker, this traditional witbier's named for a strange old Belgian brewing process wherein they'd leave the windows open and let "nature take its course" while the wort was cooling

Acceleration: This well-balanced double IPA clocks in at 9.8% ABV, and notches 98 IBUs in honor of the gravitational acceleration on Earth, so get the spins from it in the name of science

Conceptual Ale: "Sweeter and maltier" than the others, this was the first to come out of their tanks, and did so with a bit of a higher ABV than they initially intended

Not enough for you? Well, they'll also have a yet-unnamed Belgian blonde that goes down smooth so you can "very accidentally drink a lot", unlike the loser kids produced by that great Louisville school system, who're just left to accidentally think a lot.