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Proof that higher proofs get better with age too

Wood-aging: it's not just for wine and Elijah anymore (seriously, rent the Good Son, he was adorable!). Apparently, barrel-aging cocktails is sort of the hot new thing, and no one's doing it better than Ghost Plate & Tap.A hush-hush project the "updated comfort food" spot is keeping off the menu, the cocktails are a collab with Peach Street Distillers, who provide Ghost with oak barrels in which to age their already-mixed 'tails for about 2.5 months, which "adds depth" and brings the ingredients "together in a way that they don't when consumed immediately". Savor:Corpse Reviver #3: After a concoction of gin, orange liqueur, and Lillet gets done in the barrel, they add fresh citrus and absinthe, which "mellows out" the gin's herbaceousness, and results in a rich final cocktail that's supremely oaky without being like "chewing on wood chips" -- though considering how new this program is, you are kind of a guinea pig...Vieux Carre: The classic New Orleans cocktail is historically made with rye, sweet vermouth, and Cognac, but Ghost is replacing the Cognac and adding bourbon and pear brandy to better highlight Peach Street's strengths. Angostura/ Peychaud's bitters are added, and then the whole thing goes in the barrel, which brings out the "caramelly quality in the rye", and ends up drinking "a lot like biting into a fresh pear", aka the goal of any pit bull going after a mailman's crotch.Umm... Another One!: Towards the end of Summer, they'll also be un-bunging a peach brandy-infused take on a Sidecar, so grab that thing before Macaulay Culkin locks his little cousin in there and rolls it down a hill.