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Find love while finding the nation's best beers

If there's anything sobering about the Great American Beer Fest, it's the thought that you'll be stuck in a seriously long line to get beer. The silver lining? Attractive girls will also be stuck in line, which gives you the perfect opportunity to strike up a conver-suds-tion. So memorize these fun beer facts & accompanying icebreakers about some of the finer brews being poured at the Fest, created with help from the Head Beer Nerdess at Great Divide -- fitting, as these lines will help create a great divide between you and dying alone

Bear Republic Brewing Co's Tartare: A "puckerworthy" Berliner-style wheat beer aged in an oak fermenter, this extreme rarity will run out quickly, so ensure you get a sample by checking their Twitter/ Facebook to find out when it starts pouring.Icebreaker: "This beer is so sour I'm involuntarily pursing my lips! Feel free to take advantage of this facial expression and plant one on my handsome face"

Gigantic Brewing Co's The City Never Sleeps: Straight outta PDX, this "Imperial Black Saison" is admittedly a completely made-up style, and has notes of "coffee, chocolate, and heavy fruit".
Icebreaker: "They also add chiles to this beer and call it Hot Time Summer In The City. Would you be interested in having one of those with me... but in the Fall?

New Belgium's La Folie: This wood-conditioned beer from NB's Lips of Faith series has a "green apple tartness", and was apparently instrumental in introducing the masses to sour beers.
Icebreaker: "Did you know they age these in French Oak barrels? And did you know that I French extremely passionately?

Great Divide's 2011 Hibernation: While Hibernation is known to be a stellar cold-weather ale, this particular vintage adds "sultry sweet, bready notes".
Icebreaker: "Speaking of hibernation, don't you just love cuddling up with someone special in the Winter and passionately Frenching?

Commons Brewery's Flemish Kiss: This pale ale spent 5wks in an oak barrel dosed with "Brettanomyces Bruxellensis", but has "floral, fruity notes" that make it quite approachable.
Icebreaker: "After we drink a Flemish Kiss, wanna go Dutch later? Don't wait until you're more sober to answer that, please.

Photo by Matt Farley