A brew -- actually, ten -- for every season

Serious beer drinkers note the changing seasons by the style in their mug, as opposed to say, serious malt liquor drinkers, who note them by how many layers they're wearing in their mug shots. For a new brewery all about delicious seasonal adaptation: Denver Beer Company.Pouring 7-10 new varietals for every season (and serving them with fresh Bavarian pretzels!), DBC's transformed a crumbling auto-body garage into a 60+ seat Highland taproom outfitted with reclaimed metal, and a bar sitting on old car jacks for an "industrial feel", aka what assembly line workers receive when those mechanized arms are feeling lonely. For fruity summer treats, there's the Kaffir Lime Wheat made with 2.5lb of limes "in the boil" (resulting in "bright lime tones" and a "boldly refreshing taste"); the Summer Stout with a “nose of chocolate and dark fruits”; and the Graham Cracker Porter with notes of vanilla, truffle, and cherry leading to a "semi-dry finish", something that's never been seen at the end of a beer run. Less sweet summer joints include the Rye 25 Pale Ale with "notes as complex as the highway" (I-25 is totes flattered!); the "easy-drinking" Confluence Pale Ale that's "perfectly balanced for cooler summer evenings"; and a dry-hopped IPA with "piney citrus and musky/ bittersweet hop tones" called the Gear Up, as consuming it will cause even the grossest girl to look like a Pretty Woman.As fall approaches, the entire lineup'll be switched out to make room for a few pumpkin beers, an Oktoberfest, a maple brown ale, and a smoked lager, aka what a confused and jonesing malt liquor drinker would do if you hand one to him.