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The South invades LoDo, makes it hotter

Oh her? That's Katelyn, and she's just one of the several great-looking, scantily clad waitresses & bartendresses ready to party with you at Lil & Lou's Wreck, a just-opening "Southern fun" bar that's best described as trailer park chic, what with the license plates on the walls, bras hanging from the ceiling, and "trailer park chic" being a fun thing to say.So here's how this is going to work: Click through the photo gallery, and you'll not only get to see totally SFW (both "safe" and "shwing!" for work) snaps of all the gals, but you'll get their names and favorite drinks, which they'd love for you to charmingly buy for them when you stop in (... assuming, of course, that you're also great-looking).