Drink to history's silliest regulations

There's often undeniable fun in celebrating what was once prohibited, from newly independent adolescents eating whatever they damn well please, to sexually liberated people eating whoever they damn well please. Relish throwing one back in the face of Prohibition...at Prohibition.Opening today from a lifelong restaurant guy who helped open Fado's back in '97, Prohibition's era-appropriate accents (from authentic framed whiskey prescriptions to old newspapers) buoy a mahogany bar fixing classic cocktails, and button-tufted banquettes set to host lip-smacking "sort-of comfort food" -- wait, so like macaroni and cheese with a tack in it? Along with 12 taps like London Pride and Durango's Ska IPA, carousel comes via concoctions like the fernet/ Knob Creek/ sage syrup/ grapefruit peel Dulcet Charm, a "simple summertime drink" called the Queens Park Swizzle with rum/ mint/ lime/ bitters, and a rye/ cherry heering/ Drambuie/ orange twist elixir called Liquid Swords, as playing with solids would require extraordinary flexibility, and probably a lot of towels. A limited made-to-order menu includes smaller bites like mini sausage sammies made with artisan meats (smoked bison and elk) in a bun with peppers/ onions, and entrees like chicken pot pie, and braised short ribs with polenta/ brussels sprouts/ bacon, plus desserts from Boulder-based Ice Cream Alchemy, which was also the most popular elective at medieval schools for the culinary/wizardly arts.By late summer they also hope to open up a patio with a wood-fired grill for smoking, which our liberated society affirms should be done by anyone anywhere, unless of course you're talking about cigarettes.