Arcade games and beer on Colfax

While a normal 2up gives you two extra lives, this place will all but ensure you have zero. The new brother bar to LoDo's 1up, it's ready to suck you into an hours-long black hole of classic arcades, pin & skeeball, some of the best local brews Mile High has to offer on tap, and -- not that you'll notice -- decorative touches like a mural with warp tubes. The full rundown:Old-School Games: There are more than 20, and they've faithfully sourced original machines for everything from '90s classics like Mortal Kombat/ Street Fighter 2/ The Simpsons, to canon games like Donkey Kong/ Frogger/ Galaga/ Pac-Man, to the more obscure, like Space Invadersish shoot 'em up Gyruss, and spy thriller Elevator Action, also the working title of that M. Night Shyamalan movie... before it was deemed false advertising, because nothing happens in that movie.Pinball: Wizards can enjoy the mix of the old and new, with pre-Y2K machines Star Trek: The Next Generation and Terminator 2, or newer jams like Lord of the Rings, South Park, Iron Man, and the brand-new AC/DC, which plays 12 of their songs, including, most fittingly, "You Shook Me All Night Long".Sweet, Sweet Beer: In addition to standard Coloradan crafts, their 12 drafts include specialties like a one-off from Breckenridge Brewery called The Fantastic Pour (and made especially for Denver Comic Con), and 1up IPA specially brewed for them by Bristol, so get psyched to take at least 2down.