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Larimer St's Trillium presses on

Move over, apple-hashpipes -- you're no longer the coolest perversion of an innocuous household item! Behold French Press Cocktails, which the bartenders at Scandinavian-inspired bistro Trillium invented in a fit of creativity (in fairness, possibly after smoking from apple-hashpipes). The Initial Pour: The three, piping-hot signature 'tails are prepped tableside, so half the fun is watching the creation of your Finnish Glogg (a mulled, spiced wine), Irish coffee-esque Lillehammer (with whiskey & walnut liqueur), or gin/berry tea Grindenwald, aka the name of the family in the Scandinavian Christmas Vacation

The Wait and Plunge: After the pour, an egg timer will go off when the infusion's juuuuust right, so enjoy watching as the concoction "homogenizes into a beautiful deep purple warming libation" before your server plunges the press

The Best Pour: The cocktails are made for two, so share your chosen 'tail with a Viking friend. They're served in glasses bigger than a shot but smaller than a coffee mug, but the whole experience is delicate and artful, so try not to just inhale everything all at once.