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A bar focused on mixology that's... in an Irish pub?

A divey Irish pub on Larimer called Scruffy Murphy's is the last place you'd expect to find hardcore mixologists hand-crafting cocktails, as many of the glasses those things come in are terrible for smashing into the face of people who offend your team/girl. But it's happening, at the brand-new Hotmixology Lounge

A brick 150-seater with a handmade 32ft bar and soundtrack specially designed by Magnum Music Group, Hotmixiology's classing/ vesting up an adjoining space to Scruffy's with artful drinks conceived by the host of a late-night, Cooking Channel show of the same name. Gin lovers would do well to order the tarragon syrup/ grapefruit juice Broker Dragon, rum-appreciators the South Sea rum/ falernum/ Cointreau/ pineapple juice South Sea Sailor, and everyone with tastebuds the Clyde's Old Fashioned, with muddled orange/ bitters and Clyde May's Whiskey, a small-batch formerly made by Mr. May himself, who failed at being a farmer, but successfully raised eight kids, so clearly wasn't completely horrible at sowing his seeds. There's also a trio of tequila 'tails, with a standard joint, a grapefruiter made with the host's own Muchote Tequila, and one set off with bloody mary mix called the Agave Maria, sacrilegious enough to ensure his most pious patrons want nun

They're still working out what exactly'll be served food-wise, but they promise seasonal/ local "artisan snacks", but you'll need a working jaw to consume them, so maybe don't grab a beer in Scruffy's first.