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Four liquors for liquor-drinkers

Ordering a local beer's a lot easier than ordering a local liquor, what with Denver's abundance of craft taps, many of which obscure you from the bartender so that he can't see you mouthing "Bananarita". Giving you a few more local liquor options: Mile High Spirits.

Distilling four completely different hooches, Five Points' brand-new Mile High's opening a fittingly beer-less lounge in which their very own booze'll be enjoyed amidst leather couches, a pool table, shed antler lamps, and no “loud music”, as apparently alcohol by high volume is as dangerous as high alcohol by volume. If you're in the mood for a spirit you can't see through, the bar's stocked with sugarcane-based Pegleg Rum (“small notes of coconut/ banana”) and Fireside Whiskey: a “smooth” bourbon aged for 4.5yrs in an oak barrel and cold-filtered "in order to refine it”, despite its tendency to do the exact opposite to you. On the lighter side, there're 16 flavors of Elevate Vodka (like bacon! And... 15 other fruity ones!), which's distilled from a glass still (as opposed to copper/ stainless steel) to retain purity, as well as their Denver Dry Gin with a “little more nose to it”, so mind it doesn't touch yours when sipping, as that could get mad awkward.

And while they won't be doing their own food, they will be hosting a fleet of food trucks parked out front, aka where you'll need to position yourself at the bar if you want your guavatini order getting heard.