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Five Points has a new buddy in this brewery

While Fox News once ripped Obama for having a buddy in Common, no one will ever judge you for visiting Our Mutual Friend Malt & Brew, a Five Points brewery pouring five simple, "sessionable" beers in a tastefully dim industrial taproom patterned after English pubs. Angling to be a sort of community gathering place, they've even installed a bookshelf with tomes you can actually check out, so enjoy totally ignoring those while guzzling down styles like:IPA: Their bitterest beer will pucker your lips perfectly for the kiss you'll want to plant on their brewmaster after tasting its "bold" flavor and "fundamental piney-floral kick".Saison: A smooth-sippin' 4.3% ABV'd brew, it's designed to be enjoyed at the height of Summer and Winter, and features citrus notes from the use of "all-nugget" hops -- suggesting this was made by a skilled (Corey) Brewer.Proletariat: This "crisp, clean" ale was hatched when the three co-owners challenged themselves to make a tasty beer with the fewest ingredients possible (hops, water, yeast, & grain), and is the only brew they decided to name. Though given the Marxist overtones, don't let Fox News catch you sipping it.