This bar has a boat in it, so that's cool

Can a shiny new bar really be called a dive, or does that status have to be earned through years of blood, sweat, and guys hanging out there until all hours, debating pointless questions like "can a new bar be called a dive"? Find out, at Dive Inn.

South Broadway's newest ain't fancy, opting instead for cheap booze, relaxed patios, brushed metal bars, ping pong tables, a fleet of flatscreens, and the piece de resistance: an inexplicable 18ft boat you can actually hang out in. Like Kevin Dillon's name on a movie poster, mixology doesn't take top billing: they keep it real/budget with eight basic taps (Coors Light, Avery IPA, Shock Top-y type stuff), 15 bottles (in the vein of 90 Shilling and Bohemia), and six tequilas, all of which'll wash down similarly inexpensive, Yucatan-style street tacos stuffed with shrimp or pork. In addition to the aforementioned four table tennis...tables, there's pool, pop-a-shot basketball, cornhole, "vintage" arcade games, and a Wii deep-sea fishing game hooked up to the boat, just in case the thrill of actual deep-sea fishing is too much for you to handle. Oh, also, the boat has an "aoogah" horn

They'll also be ensuring the patio gets bumpin 11a-3p on the weekends by letting ladies who sunbathe in bikinis out there drink for free, so expect dudes there to be 'bating long into the night.