Raise a glass to/from the Germans

Germans have been brewing for longer than even Coloradans, and're now bringing to LoHi a tradition begun around 800 B.C. (Before Coors), with Prost. Authenticity is the word (so technically, the word is "die authentizitat!", yelled intimidatingly), achieved via a beer hall covered in mid-century Deutschland artwork and lined with long picnic tables, perfect for enjoying suds stewed in traditional copper kettles bought from a brewery in the homeland

Designed by a German brewing expert who won Gold last year at the GABF, their three core styles include

Altfränkisches Dunkel Bier: As easy-drinkin' as it is hard...pronouncin'..., Altfränkisc-- umm, it employs a recipe that came with those kettles, and is simply described as "smooth and malty flavored"

Weißbier: This unfiltered heffe comes from the same category in which its brewer won gold, so expect greatness, as well as banana and clove notes

Prost Pils: The yeast for this slightly spicy & hoppy classic pilsner comes from a German monastery, so prepare to end your night chanting nonsense in a robe. Then the DU kids will ask you to leave their frat house

For sustenance, trucks'll rotate outside, running from Uber Sausage, to Chile Billy, to an in-the-works, beer-paired special menu from Stick It To Me, though proud Coloradan brewers would be quick to point out that not even centuries of European tradition can Stick It to U.S.