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Oceans of beer in a former Air Force base

What with all the talk about drafts in the '70s, it's a wonder that beer wasn't flowing at the Lowry Air Force base decades ago. Finally righting that: the massive Lowry Beer Garden, which's outfitted the bones of the shuttered air base with 350 seats' worth of "Oktoberfest-style picnic tables", and a menu with 16 taps of mostly CO beers, even more bottles, and "creatively topped" gourmet sausages.Taps include multiple offerings from Odell (from Easy Street Wheat to St Lupulin) and Avery (Maharaja to White Rascal); and for those who like drinking from the bottle -- unlike that creepy little boob-suckling toddler on the cover of Time -- there's over 20 options, from Boulevard's Tank 7, to Stone's IPA, to Bristol's Laughing Lab. Continental Sausage provides all the tubed goodness, with eight choices like Southwestern Bison, Elk Jalapeno Cheddar, and Sweet/ Smoky Boar all ready to be topped with pre-set flavor-enhancers like "The Coloradan" (pepper jack, poblanos) and the cranberries/port wine/cream cheese "Game Day" -- so good, you'd do crazy, certifiably insane stuff to get it. Like, on national TV.If you're still hungry, the menu's rounded out with fried pickles, huge pretzels, and wings, something that definitely wouldn't have been given out to people who pounded beers at the air base back in the day.