Beer with all sorts of food parts

Beer with strange ingredients effectively creates two things: 1) unique flavors, and 2) interesting conversation, at least until you've had 2-3 beers with strange ingredients, and then start talking about your dad skipping your soccer games. Enjoy a couple beers, and potentially a couple tears, at CAUTION: Brewing Company.An 1800sqft taphouse located so close to DIA you'll essentially be felt up by TSA agents when you sit at their beetle-kill pine bar, CAUTION loads beers with culinary ingredients to create "unique twists on classic styles", and got its start when the owner of the beloved Lao Wang Noodle House told his son to brew something using the spices in their beef soup. Behold, their four starter taps:Lao Wang Lager: This is that one. It shares spices with the aforementioned soup, and adds a blend of organic wild rice that "adds a mouthfeel". Beware, though: drinking it will "make you want to eat"... because, umm, it's beer?Honey Matrimony Brown Ale: Developed as a "gateway beer for people who are afraid of dark beers" (beeracists!!), they maintain it's the "perfect matrimony of beer and honey".Wild Blonde Ale: They toss lake-grown wild rice into this joint to add creaminess, resulting in a "simple" wild blonde, aka what's in every honest guy's "looking for" field on Bat Black: A remainder of the Winter ale they brewed up for Halloween, this monster of a smoked porter has "chocolate notes", is "smoky and dark", and claims to be "in your face like a bat flying out of a toaster" -- coincidentally, also something that'd make for interesting conversation and unique flavors.