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Microbrews worth their weight in gold

The problem with being a good homebrewer is that your friends just won't stop popping by, and your subtle hints and sour notes only make things worse! From a couple who decided to just run with it: Copper Kettle Brewing.After friends raved over a first batch brewed at their North Carolina home, the wedded alchemists behind CKB uprooted to Denver, and are just now opening a 52-seat, low-lit brewery 'n taproom parlor'd out in leather and copper, and primed to serve up their eight different taps, or, how they start the day at narcoleptic sleepaway camp. For year-round pours, there're the Copper Mezzina Ale with a "bright, citrusy hop flavor", the cloudy Biergarden Hefeweizen with "hints of banana and clove", and the Saison Savoureux, which's concocted from a Denverite's homebrew comp recipe, and relies heavily on chocolate malts, which ironically, are what people used to drink before beer was invented sometime in the '60s. As for the rotating taps, the starting lineup includes a red chili-peppered Mexican Chocolate Stout inspired by a 500yr-old Aztec recipe, a Summer Ale with "undertones of orange peel, coriander seed, and ginger root", and a Hefeweizen-like rye brew with a "dry, spicy taste" dubbed the Roggenbier -- if the box office for Observe and Report is any indication, it'll get you totally tanked!Drink there a lot (seriously: drink there a lot) and you'll accumulate enough "points" to join the Brewclub, netting you a stein and access to monthly sample-filled secret meetings, where ironically, you'll be the one asked not to take notes.Photo by Geoff Phillips