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Yeah, they have one or two beers

Opening a liquor store in what what used to be a giant electronics store makes sense, as spending time at both places can eventually lead to you buying a Zune. Behold the Best Buy of booze: Hazel's Beverage World

All 35000sqft of Ultimate Electronics is now an alcoholic airplane hangar, where wide aisle after wide aisle houses nearly 12000 labels of beer, wine and spirits, including vino/ high-end bubbly in a temp- & humidity-controlled room that employees can open with a keycard, and regulars can access with their fingerprints -- strange, as getting fingerprinted usually comes after buying a ton of booze. For the beer lovers, 78 cooler doors display brews both micro and mac (seven doors are mix 'n match), with rare and unusual finds like the Gulden Draak Quad, a Belgian never before released in the US, the Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary, and the Sour Power Mix Pack, a combo of the Petrus Pale, the Petrus Brune, and Monk's Cafe. Like goth kids that hang out in high school parking lots, you may be into spirits, so you should also check out delicious oddities like Scorpion Mezcal (with an actual desert killer floating freely in each bottle), or Dos Gusanos tequila with, wait for it, dos worms

There are also local rarities like the People's Republic's Roundhouse, which crafts gin and a Corretto (a coffee liqueur), and ultra-premium goodness like -- for just under a G -- a bottle of Macallan 30yr, also how long that salesman assured you that Zune technology would dominate.