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The Oakland's deck gets tiki-tastic

Oakland, California: home to perhaps the finest current tiki bar in existence, Forbidden Island. The Oakland: home to the finest tiki bar currently in Detroit. Coincidence? Absolutely! But at least you now have a deeper understanding of tiki geography, and know you need to get to the Ferndale cocktail haven's newly Polynesian-ized patio for a Summer-long party in the back called the mullet of recently spotted-around-town Michael Bolton Honi Honi. To create The Oakland's "polar opposite", the owners strung their covered outdoor space with multicolored lights, and are creating weekly tipples including kegged tikis like the Honi Honi (Wild Turkey, fresh-squeezed lime juice, sugar, almond-based orgeat syrup), plus a punch (a cucumber-lemon gin joint this weekend), and cheap cans of Tecate for when you inevitably turn diabetic.The only bad news: they're open just Fridays and Saturdays to start while seeing how things go, leading Mai Tai lovers to ask "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?" five nights a week for the time being.