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Aggressively Sized Drinking Vessels

Here in America, they say go big or go home, though they wouldn't have to make that choice, if they'd finally just install one of those Zoltar Speaks machines in their apartment. For four places hopefully near your home, where you can get drinks even bigger than Josh Baskin, check out our list of Aggressively Sized Drinking Vessels. Suppenkuche's 5-Liter Mug525 Laguna St, at Hayes; Hayes Valley; 415.252.9289This limited edition Stiegl logo'd glazed ceramic uber-stein holds 5 liters worth of any of Suppenkuche's 33 German/Austrian/Belgian beers on draft, and weighs in at more than 9lbs, which is even crazier when you realize that's like 1187.91 Japanese yen!Trader Vic's Mai Tai Drum9 Anchor Drive, at Powell; Emeryville; 510.653.3400Proving there ain't no party like an Emeryville party, this recently remodeled, chain-erific tiki bar offers up a for-private-parties-only Mai Tai Drum, which stores 75 Original Trader Vic's Mai Tais in an old rum holder, heretofore referred to as "whoever stands next to Rip Torn, and hands him his Admiral Nelson".Schroeder's 20-Liter Stein240 Front St, at Halleck; Financial District; 415.421.4778This self-proclaimed oldest/largest German restaurant on the West Coast (they've been around for over a century), boasts a 20-liter, 5ft-tall behemoth allegedly filled on very special occasions by their lederhosen-attired frauleins, which just might be the largest mug in San Francisco, now that The Gav's officially in Sacramento. Bamboo Hut's Flaming Volcano Bowl479 Broadway at Kearny; Financial District; 415.989.8555This conveniently located (cough, strip clubs, cough) island-themed watering hole mixes what's known as the Flaming Volcano Bowl, a 42oz, 151-doused, plastic mermaid-infested tropical drink served in a massive ceramic goblet and fashioned with its own mini-Vesuvius in the middle, thus mercifully rendering Frankie Muniz irrelevant.