Food & Drink

Bike, drink, bike, drink, bike!

Drinking and biking have a lot in common: both are most fun in good weather, can be enjoyed with friends or solo, and when done right, involve things going downhill fast. Finally combining the two: Denver Pedal Bar.

Running along orchestrated, discount-laden bar crawls, DPB's a trolley-like frame bordered by 15 seats and powered by geared pedals at each; inspired by the Netherlands' "beer bikes", the party machine's also got a solar-powered sound system, a designated steerer, and comp'd vitaminwater between stops, making fans of anyone who hasn't already drunken the Kool Aid. A two hour reservation is required for the main crawl with a six person minimum, which runs through 2.5mi of two-for-ones and other specials at RiNo spots like Billy's Gourmet Dogs, Blake St Tavern, and Walnut Room, also what you should suggest your tailor give you more of, considering you'll be sitting on a bike seat all night. For pre-gaming some Rockies afternoon delight, they've also got a LoDo route with "more of a food focus", stopping at the likes of Snooze (mimosas! pancakes!) and Breck's Blake St Pub before hitting Coors Field, where you're hopefully the only CarGo getting lit up.

If you want to take a self-designed bar crawl (or just ride a huge bikearound with your friends), DPB can meet you anywhere in Denver, assuming you haven't experienced that other side effect of both drinking and biking: having no clue where you've ended up.