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A tasting room for homegrown beer-oes

Montauk's long been the most laid-back of the Hamptons, but you should now prepare for it to be the most laid-all-the-way-down, unable-or-willing-to-move-due-to-delicious-beer-overload of the Hamptons, thanks to The Montauk Brewing Company. Just opened by three friends after prepping for three years, Long Island's easternmost microbrewery's home to a taproom that's as much gallery as beer station, as work from local artists competes with an also-beautiful, hand-built bar sporting a copper top and blow-torched base that houses four taps. Now technically, this isn't a functioning bar: head in and they'll give you a 4oz. sample of their stuff, then sell you a to-go growler of whatever you're into, which an estimated 56% of the time will be their flagship Driftwood Ale, a semi-biting beer that the ShamWow guy would likely chide for not fully committing. There's also a Summer ale called the Gale Force Golden (their lightest on tap) with a hint of sweet apple and citrus (additional hint: both of those things taste good), and the Fishing Vessel Porter, which retains hints of bitter chocolate and coffee without ending up, like its relative Ham Porter, overly heavy.And while it's all sort of adorably Little Engine That Could-y for now, the guys are awaiting approval on plans for a 15-barrel system big enough to let them brew mass quantities on site and, ironically, turn them into a real standup operation.