An imbibing factory

Back in the day, working in a factory was tough -- you stayed on your feet for hours getting paid terrible wages, while Lucy and Ethel sat smugly in the corner, eating away all the lucrative chocolate profits. Giving you that back-in-the-day factory look, without Lucille Ball's nefarious meddling, Harvard & Stone, opening today.

From the dudes behind the Havana-themed hideaway La Descarga, H & S's a similarly meticulously designed crafty cocktail bar, this time in the form of a cavernous, two-story, multi-roomed '30s-era factory, with carefully detailed touches including rusty-looking above-the-bar baskets holding bottles of booze, fully exposed duct-work, and a semi-private back room meant to be the bosses' quarters, featuring timecards and old contracts covering walls that're aged to look like they've been exposed to 20+ years of smoking, just like that Chinese toddler, but man, is he cool! Drinks're all made w/ small-run American spirits and feature ice handcrushed in a burlap sack; options include "The Push Start" (Haute vodka, Luxardo Maraschino, blackberries, lime juice, agave nectar); "Bull Shot" (Tito's Vodka w/ lemon peel & beef boullion, served w/a beer back) and the Aviation gin/ Imbue vermouth/ housemade pickled cocktail onion "PDX Gibson", but not the PDA Gibson, because, all in all, Mel's a pretty shy guy. Unless you're Jewish. In addition, there's a small, smoking-allowed, semi-outdoor back room with its own bar, which'll host a different guest 'tender each night and rotate spirits once a month, starting with whiskey for the rest of February and followed by a March of gin, which became the de-facto choice when Prop 19 failed to pass, ruling out a March of dimes.

H & S's expecting to have occasional surprise shows from "major artists", and've also got a carefully curated jukebox with playlists from Beck, Indie 103.1 music director Mr. Shovel, and Mark Ronson -- a man whose hip hop tastes likely resulted in him declaring "I Love Juicy".