A San Diegan, non-San Diegan beer bar

They say not to bring sand to the beach, though they also say not to bring Sans to the beach, so don't believe everything you hear. Horatio's looking great! Bringing non-SD craft brew to SD: The Public House La Jolla.

Resisting the urge of many craft-friendly SD beer bars to just go overboard stocking locals, Public's determined to showcase brews "you just don't see unless you're in that country"; with a beer sign-lined, fittingly Euro-cramped interior, and a patio sporting a 21-tap'd bar with street lined seating, all housed in La Jolla's historic, 107 year old Geranium Cottage, which dates back to a time when the primary cottage industry was the actual building of cottages. The rare, worldly, and rotating tap list runs from nitro-charged Youngs Double Chocolate British Stout, to NorCal's Blind Pig IPA from Russian River Brewing, to a load of Belgian rarities like the 10% ABV St. Bernardus ABT 12, and an 8.4% ABV quadrupel strong ale called "Kwak", presumably because it'll make you lay down on a couch and cry for no reason. The world tour continues with 50+ bottled microbrews like the Italian Bruton "Stoner" blonde ale and the French, 13% ABV, Belzebuth Golden; and for those looking for an actual tour, they're running a contest to win comped trips to breweries in the States and abroad (the next is to Colorado for suds and boarding) called "80 beers in 80 nights", or what David Hasselhoff calls "80 nights".

To fortify your worldly experimentation, they're slinging a burger-centric menu highlighted by the periodic special additions of exotic patties like rabbit, duck, and alligator, all of which you'll have to keep away from Horatio if you want him to stay in bikini shape.