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Seriously, only in Vegas

Have you ever been all up at the club and thought, "Dude, this place is OK, but where're the half-man-horses and vesuvian smoke trees that explode with wishes"? Well now you've got 22000sqft of that totally reasonable ish, at Butterfly, a Midsummer Night's nightmare erected under Paris' Eiffel Tower that was inspired by the gardens of Versailles, which explains the tree-like lampposts, thousands of strung lights, and...70 VIP tables! It's so crazy, it can't be fit into just a single act, so here're both of 'em:Act 1: Trampoline/hula hoop/pole dancers? Check. A "Queen" who sits on a throne guarded by 6'8" identical twins? Of course. Four hot-ass, big-breasted she-beasts (half-snail, -deer, -owl, -squirrel) who bestow a glowing orb to each guest? You bet your stupid face! On the ho-hum tip, there's also a "wall of senses" you can stick your hand in for surprises ranging from candy to other hands, and that Tree of Life can be filled with written-down wishes, such as "I wish I didn't take that acid before I came here".Act 2: The Tree of Life, billowing fog and filled with glowing orbs & silk butterflies, is rolled to the center of the dance floor and, once the video-synced DJ gets the crowd more amped than vampires at a blood rave, it goddamn explodes into the sky, raining granted wishes down on your paralyzed face. Then a butterfly girl w/ giant wings emerges from a cocoon, a magician starts trickin', an opera singer rolls around freestyling, and everyone gets glow sticks, because, hey, why the f*** not.What's that? You want high-profile DJs? Well Paul Oakenfold, Pharrell, The Starkillers, and Trent Cantrelle are already on-board as headliners, assuming you can be a "headliner" once your head has exploded.