Gallery and Pussycat Doll Burlesque Saloon

Old art is like a really bad strip club, filled with women who probably looked better hundreds of years ago, too many of whom are missing both of their arms. For women and art from the sexy present, hit up Gallery and The Pussycat Doll Burlesque Saloon.Clocking in at 17500sqft, this twofer -- designed by a crew whose credits include collabing with Philippe Starck on the renowned SLS in Beverly Hills -- offers up two unique nightlife experiences: a burlesque lounge run by the international PD hotties, and a club themed like a mod-Gothic museum, where you won't be allowed to spend the night if you get as wasted as Owen Wilson's talent. In Gallery, oversized frames surround sexed-up original photography while trompe l'oeil wall art creates the illusion of endless corridors in the complex's three distinct spaces: -The Red Room, whose holographic 3D photos follow you everywhere with their eyes.-The Gold Room, sporting a giant Champagne glass in which ladies actually named Bubbles will strip tease you.-The Main Room, where acrobats and go-go dancers will fuel the crazy on the enormous dance floor below, the VIP booths come with swings, and the bar tops are covered with photos of naked women laying in vegetables, so you can endlessly gawk at their leg...umes!Should you tire of the "art", PCD's saloon claims 4500sqft for itself, filling it with rhinestone-studded carousel horses, a vajazzled bathtub sitting under a crystal chandelier, and a stage at the center for impromptu performances by the lingerie-sporting staff, intrepid guests, and resident dolls, who unfortunately will likely use their appendages to keep you an arm's length away.