Food & Drink

Unlimited PBR and every bar game ever

DB's is a 20000sqft restaurant-cum-drinking Olympics hoster inside Planet Hollywood with beer pong, foosball, pool, darts, and shuffleboard. You can reserve a table for 20 bucks a person and get in on a deal that, like your fraternity, includes unlimited PBR and pizza. Also a thing: foosball that's "competition-grade", which means no spinning, Kevin. This shuffleboard table's in the main dining room, so if your All-American Panini (burger patty, hot dog, bacon, cheese) and/or Garlic Bread Balls need salt... They've also got a line-up of chilled Jager, Patron, and Fireball cinnamon whiskey, plus a Budweiser... gumball machine? And, duh, pool tables. There's even a Bloody Mary mixed with Modelo Especial and tequila called the Chevella, perfect for getting you in the mood to throw sharp metal weapon-like devices at the wall. Oh, and for 50 cents you can get another ball, in case Kevin accidentally steps on yours. Stupid Kevin.