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Thrillist's Bar Madness

Bars can actually provide many of the same thrills as watching a March Madness game, letting everyday folks make it rain, pound the glass, and heave up shots, because they know driving to the hole will just get them totally rejected. Making the connection even stronger: Thrillist's Bar Madness

Bar Madness is just what it sounds like: a bracket-style tourney pitting watering holes from across the country against one another for the chance to be called this nation's best sports bar, with winners determined by popular vote, a phrase that until know was just ironic. Because voting's for nerds. While the final bracket will feature head-to-head match-ups between various cities' top tap talent, the two local entrants from each participating town will be decided during an initial nomination round, with LV's most sports-tacular contestants including PBR Rock Bar & Grill, Nikki Lee's, and the Freakin' Frog, as there's no bigger party than the one in Tony Parker's pants

Best of all, each round you vote in (six total) counts as another entry in your chance to win a $2011 bar tab, helpful, because tons of money is about the only way to make taking it to the hole a lay-up.