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Destination Unknown

Not knowing where you're going usually just means you've upgraded to Apple Maps, but not with Destination Unknown. The high-class bar-crawlers' mission is to whisk you between an undisclosed trio of London's "best-kept secret" drinkeries, speakeasies, and clubs -- places they can (almost) guarantee you haven't been to before, and for which they'll arrange everything "within a reasonable budget". How it all goes down: grab their main package ("Mind the Gap"), and you'll receive a text/email a couple of days before the event detailing dress-code, and a Zone 1 meeting spot. There you'll be met by a "secret agent", who'll taxi you amongst the hideouts and comp entrance fees plus the first round of drinks that arrive at your pre-booked table. They'll even have a photographer on hand to take shots of you... taking shots. They're so confident you'll have a good, surprising night, they've got a no-questions money-back policy. Packages can also be upgraded to include three-course meals, birthdays & stags complete w/ guest lists, "unique activities", and fully bespoke evenings -- though some of your nightlife desires are best kept secret.