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London's first true mezcal bar

Both twisting and pleasing the tongue is no easy feat, but Quiquiriqui ("cock-a-doodle-doo" in Spanish) steps up to the task by being London's first "genuine" mezcal bar. Hidden below a Hackney kebab shop, its founders spent four months touring Mexico, forging relationships with small producers who "literally had donkeys pulling stone wheels" to make their hooch. The space itself is a veritable shrine to upcycling, decorated with pallet-crate tables, a chalkboard wall, a refurbed '50s jukebox, and, thanks to some glassblowing experience, homemade lights designed to look like balloons. The mezcal? There are 20+ artisan bottles by the shot/carafe, each with its own tasting notes ("BBQ sauce with a hint of lighter fluid"; "creamy like a dairy maid's knickers"; "bow down to this one, it will f**k you up and show you how it happens"), with some finding their way into crushed-ice 'tails like the hibiscus/cardamom Pink Taco, or the triple sec/agave Missionary, which will certainly leave you horizontal.For lighter refreshment, they've also got a huge selection of Mexi beers, and if you're peckish, the Turkish meat-skewer above is open until 11 each night, around the time they'll be pulling you out of the bar by donkey.