Food & Drink

Beer & pizza, together at last

Beer & pizza is the most unbeatable combination this side of whoever China puts out for synchronized diving, which is why CRATE is making both onsite in its expansive, Olympic-adjacent space, which is decorated like a really creative tornado ripped through a scrapyard, along the way upcycling bedsprings into lighting and wooden pallets into seats. Of course craft without beer is just a bunch of old women sitting around sewing, so their trio of draughts includes a lager, a punchy 5.8% IPA, and a Summer ale. Kegs will also be imminently filled with CRATE's own stout, bitter, and wheat; if none of that floats your boat that you shouldn't be captaining because you'll end up washing up on a sandbar somewhere, they also have imports ranging from Anchor to Duvel. The 'za is flash-baked in three minutes, and topped with both the usual (spicy salami!), and the exotic: laksa chicken, Middle Eastern lamb, and sage & truffle potato, a combination that could only be beat if the Chinese scored 104.88 points for a synchro forward 4½ somersault tuck, with a 3.8 degree of difficulty... oh damn.