Food & Drink

Drinks, dancing, and devouring in Dalston

They say if it ain't broke, don't fix it, unless "it" is Greece. So, after the success of both their belly-attacking Stewhouse & their liver-intimidating Summer Affair popups, Dolls has laid roots in Dalston to permanently perpetuate the food and booze under the same roof, in a dark, cozy, candlelit salute to gothic Victoriana filled with stag skulls and grandfather clocks. Nourishment stays slow-cooked, with the regularly rotating stew menu kicking off with steak & ale, pots of venison, port & chocolate, and a hearty root veg, all soaked up by their fresh-baked bread, and followed by an "always with custard" dessert, so look forward to eating a green animated dog.As during the Summer, taps are kept wet by London Fields, which is now supplying Hopstar, Pale, and unfiltered lager, which also cuts the rum & ginger syrup in their Gamekeeper, joined on the cocktail menu by The Lord of the Manor (carrying a potent Pikesville & absinthe combo), and the tequila/ Aperol/ hibiscus Foreigner -- the perfect thing to give you a little stimulus.