A smashing ping pong bar in Holborn

Holborn's Bounce is housed in the very dining room where John Jaques III invented ping pong using cigar box lids as paddles, Champagne corks as balls, and probably a lot of Champagne as inspiration. The sporting bar's run by Jaques' grandson and one of the dudes who founded All Star Lanes, who've loaded the striking, low-lit space it with a whopping 16 tables, including the actual Olympic centre court.Along with balls, they're also serving edibles in a raised seating area overlooking the tables, ranging from plates of salami-laden focaccia pizza, to slow-cooked meatballs, to wild 'shrooms doused in truffle oil. To get you non-sportingly smashed, the 40ft bar provides originals like the imposing Tipping Point, bringing together vodka, gin, rum, tequila, absinthe, maraschino, and lemonade -- or, order the Match Point, which is the same cocktail, except Jonathan Rhys Meyers' smouldering eyes bore into you while you drink it. Other alcoholic contenders include the refreshing Blue Moon & gin De Beer, and the rum/ port/ raspberry vinegar The Shrubbery, sadly not served in a giant grail, but with a little inspiration you'll figure out how to drink a lot of it.