Food & Drink

Soar like a... well, a bee

Quit worshiping golden calves, and make a pilgrimage to The Golden Bee: a tri-level drinkery just opened in Shoreditch, complete with a wood-decked, sofa-laden rooftop bar; a covered terrace whose colourful graffiti makes it look like a street where people rarely say "terrace"; and, inside, a darker, more serious redoubt with a honeycombed booze station, and a ceiling covered in shot glasses, though after that many shots, maybe it's the floor

Cocktails are mostly made to preference, though the official list rolls out such luminaries as the signature Golden Bee Martini (packing vodka, gin, wine, honey & cardamom syrup), the Re-Fashioned (blend of biscuit-infused Woodford & plum-infused Jameson), and a gin/ginger number named the Old Street Mule, a creature who hopefully hasn't been keeping your drink where he keeps his drugs. The upstairs also features a BBQ (for dogs & burgers when the weather's good), as well as two giant screens for outdoor watching of Wimbledon, a fine place to get back to worshiping golden calves, ideally that rare pair of English ones.