Food & Drink

Drinks, dogs, and dancing in Shoreditch

Quite happy to label itself a meat market, Butchery brings you sliders, dogs, cocktails, and danceable DJ sets in a high-ceiling space "Banksy cohort" Alexandre Farto (also an alias?) has grittily clevered up by painting a man's head, then chipping away layers of paint & plaster to reveal the "skull" underneath

The taps flow with crafts from Brooklyn & Redchurch, while the cocktail list is almost as short-but-sweet, counting just three beverages: a "giant rum punch", a more sophisticated Aperitivo laced with tequila and vermouth, and finally "something girly" (one part vodka, one part strawberry, and presumably six parts paper umbrella).

Belly-wise, their brioche-bunned dogs are all double-smoked over German beechwood, then topped with crispy fried onions, or buried in chilli, cheddar & jalapenos. Meanwhile, sliders will make you as big as they are small via pork and all-beef meatballs you can order in a platter of nine, thus anointing you the meat market, and ensuring you'll spend much of the night engaging in Alexandre's alias.