Fancy cocktails in a fancy space

Putting your best foot forward is always a good thing, unless you're Michael Owen, because then it's just going to be broken. For a resto whose best foot may actually be booze, hit The Drift. Now open in The City, Drift puts its frequently inventive booze-age right up front, with bars dominating both floors of its chic, well-lit, two-story-windowed modern space, and a B&W mosaic floor that runs right up one of the walls and onto the ceiling -- have too much of their best asset and you may be unable to Escher yourself out. Original mixed bevs include the Mary Rose, whose chartreuse-soaked rosemary is set alight, then extinguished w/ gin & maraschino; the Aperol Spritz, rolled w/ orange peel then served alongside a carafe of Prosecco & anchovy toast; the black-vodka'd Golden Beetroot Martini; and the Thai Tini, whose sake/ lemongrass/ chilli/ ginger combo comes w/ a prawn lollipop, which when frozen is definitely not FAB. Classics also get twisted, from the tobacco bitters, Buffalo Trace & maple syrup Cigar-Infused Old Fashioned, to a Mai Tai with overproof rum, orgeat foam, and lime chips, to a gin/ grapefruit/ marmalade number called the Breakfast In Bloom, though wouldn't you rather be eating in Elizabethtown?Don't expect the food to play second fiddle, as the extensive list of Brit classics includes lamb shank shepherd's pie w/ mint gravy, fish finger butties, pints of prawns, and cote de boeuf on the bone, apparently where other players have learned to aim when tackling poor Mr. Owen.