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Deconstructed Bloody Marys

Published On 09/19/2012 Published On 09/19/2012

69's "Prairie Oysters" have nothing to do with bison balls (that's a Canadian thing, and let's hope it stays that way). Rather, they come courtesy of insanely experimental owner Tony Conigliaro, who's used his nearby laboratory to create "deconstructed Bloody Marys", by re-clarifying tomato juice in a 4.5k rpm centrifuge, setting it in alginate to form a "yolk", and floating it in lab-made horseradish vodka w/ green tea, spice mix, and "oyster leaf" herbs from the Netherlands, then serving the whole combo in a custom-made ceramic oyster shell.

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1. 69 Colebrooke Row 69 Colebrooke Row, London, N1 8AA (Islington)

Officially called "the bar with no name,” this small-but-perfectly-formed space is helmed by Tony Conigliaro, godfather of the London cocktail scene, who’s decked it out with a classic ‘50s-Italian-Riviera feel. The drinks themselves all feel timeless, yet there’s plenty of science going into their creation, with ingredients and methods developed in a lab by Broadway Market, including the Manhattan Steel Corp., a Manhattan twist with "Dry Essence."



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