Apples, the way they were meant to be consumed

Didn't think 5-a-day was possible? Then meet Euston Cider Tap: just soft launched by the gents behind The Euston Tap, our fair city's first dedicated cider bar pulls in a seemingly endless procession of taps & bottles of fermented fruit in an identical stone building across the road from their original, this one more rustically decked with wooden walls & hay bales, which, when angry, tend to burst into a Reign of Fire.The 15 constantly rotating draughts kick off with pints of New York's crisp & clean Original Sin, some ultra-dry Hogan's from Warwickshire, a tongue-pleasing/twisting Pheasant Plucker scrumpy, and Glastonbury's eminently drinkable Orchard Pig, clearly named for someone who took Michael Eavis's hospitality for granted. There are as many bottles as there would've been Spartans if an extra 200 had gotten up off their scheming arses and helped out, including the west-country Old Kirton (extremely traditional, it's pressed through straw & aged in oak), the 7.5% Bee Sting pear, and a 17.5% number called "Pommeau", made by mixing in a third Calvados from Normandy, so battling with it may well leave you blinded.There'll also be drinks for those insane enough to want anything other than cider, including a couple of dedicated beer taps and a selection of wine. Upstairs'll soon see their private-hire "cider press room", a fine place to hide out when you're in the mood to far exceed the NHS's recommended daily dose.

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