Food & Drink

So. Much. Meat. And. Booze.

Meat and Booze have such a special relationship, they've decided to move in together on the upper level of Shaka Zulu, even though they're not married, and Meat's parents don't approve (Booze's single dad couldn't give a damn as long as Booze remembers to lay his bets at the dog track). The name of their new love shack? Meat Bar, because why wouldn't it be?Irresponsible as they are, the couple's already popped out a few children: Meatequita, who has her mother's tequila and port, her father's chorizo infusion, and Lord knows whose vegetable juice; Bacon Vodka Bloody Mary (matured 24hrs, but frankly still very sassy); and Salm ’n Martini -- a delightful little scamp just bursting with smoked vodka and lemon pepper, she's already keeping some salmon on the side. Just because they like to drink doesn't mean they're not wonderful hosts though, and they'll ply you with exotic chow like crocodile cigars, buffalo & bacon sausages, oysters with Tabasco jelly, and zebra sliders. At Meat's considerate suggestion, they also offer vegetarian sharing platters (artichokes, grilled aubergines & smoked paprika pot wedges!), because the thing with Meat is, even if you don't like him at first, eventually he'll win you over.