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Fine sellers of booze and more

It's always nice to take a souvenir home from the bar, weather it be a beermat, a fancy pint glass, or a person you fancy only because you've already made such good use of said pint glass. For a bar that lets you take everything with you, hit The Shop NW10, now open. Pretty much everything not bolted down in this booze slinger is for sale, including the art on the wall (prints from street-creative NISA, etc.), the '50s grammar-school chairs, and the vintage lights from Manchester Airport, though sadly you can't cart home permanent fixtures like an outdoor deck salvaged from an abandoned fairground, and a bar made from WWII ammo crates that in true Churchillian fashion have never surrendered the right to supply shots. The cocktails are cheap (starting at just 3.50), and are shaken & served in five sizes of jam jar, from the wee-portioned-but-plenty-potent Half Price (rum, lime, Aperol, passion fruit syrup), to a full pint of bison grass vodka, ginger wine/beer, lime & apple called the Long Stand; they also deliver Jager Bombs in mini Marmite jars, a handy excuse if you can't handle your booze. Weeks of market-scouring have also yielded a trove of vintage milk bottles, in which they'll be pouring spiced rum, Coco Lopez, pineapple & creme de apricot (aka, the "Once Loved"), and a wormwood vodka, pomegranate syrup & lime combo called the Shop Credit, both of which'll be sealed with an original foil gold-top (a reminder that if you don't finish the contents, you can't play for Accrington Stanley).Because the bottles are sealed, the bar's coming off-license will allow people to take sixers of ice-free pre-mixed 'tails home. Other future plans include a British tapas menu, and theme night parties incl. Dallas and Back to the Future, when once again you'll take home a souvenir who was hot in the 1950s.