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Cocktail maestros go dogging

Just because you're constantly featured on lists of the world's best bars doesn't mean you can take on the molecular cocktail of meats that is the noble hot dog. Actually, it probably does, which is why the Purl/Worship Street guys' latest, Dach & Son, serves up drinks and dogs in what looks like the planet's slickest diner, complete with a neon sign depicting an actual canine in a bun. To ensure the pedigree of your wiener, they've employed a butcher full-time to prep everything from a coarse pork shoulder number slathered in mushroom ketchup, to the Spiced Pig, presented in "compressed chilli tomato". Buns will also showcase short-rib burgers w/ smoked lettuce and sliders w/ chilli jam, while sides get freaky with beer-battered pressure-pickled 'cumbers, bone marrow popcorn, and vacuum-dried fries w/ beef drippings, an issue that might require more medical expertise than the butcher can provide.You shall guzzle a house beer on tap, local crafts like Beavertown's Neck Oil, and a whiskey library boasting dozens of popular/obscure malteds. That's of course before you go upstairs to a Purl offshoot slinging their, ahem, "standard" list of mixeds, like tequila w/ fizzing bitters capsules, and rum & kola syrup served in a sealed bottle filled w/ applewood smoke, called the Mr. Hydes, though between downstairs drinks and cased meat, you've probably already revealed the monster within.