Food & Drink

They just go together so well

Opening tonight in Kilburn, Love & Liquor's named after a 1920s Burmese silent film, which must have been good to beat out other era classics The Massage Practitioner and Nostalgia Effects of the Jungle. The huge interior has a more Westward inspiration, bringing Brooklyn-esque warehouse decor, exposed brick walls, neon signage, a huge, amorous mural across the wall, and even a built-in photo booth.

The drinks hark back to those consumed by non-Burmese during various periods of dignified cocktailing: Smoked Old Fashioneds, Sidecars, Hemingway Daiquiris, on up to the Velvet Elvis (whose whiskey is all shook up with Chambord). Things also get delightfully less elegant with a sharing "barrel" of Tennessee Berry Punch, blending Jack, amaretto, raspberry & Prosecco.

For a slightly more relaxed atmosphere, swing open the wardrobe to venture Narnia-style into an intimate, sofa-laden speakeasy named The Volstead Library (after the act that implemented America's Prohibition), where snacks are provided in the form of fresh-popped Cajun corn -- hopefully the bowls won't run low, or you'll experience Nostalgia Effects of the Jungle.