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Whoever loses, you win

There's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, but let's face it, a little of the unhealthy variety is much more fun. In that spirit, the folks behind Ribstock are giving us Ginstock and Rumstock: a weekend-long, sure-to-sell-out-soon pair of outdoor cocktail-offs to be held in Hoxton this September

With Saturday taking on mother's ruin, and Sunday the cane hooch, each event will see eight "award-winning and world class" bars (exactly which to be revealed later), each creating a unique cocktail for you to rate. At the end, you'll vote on a winner, just like in a regular election, except these are cocktails

There'll also be a live stage, lounge, DJs, and a selection of craft beers on offer. You'll also get comped access to a pair of simultaneous & proximate events: the 2012 British Street Food Awards, and Jamie Oliver's Fifteen's 10yr anniversary party -- after returning from slimming down America, it'll no doubt warm Oliver's heart to see you drinking eight cocktails to his health, then stuffing your face.