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A revolutionary party idea

Celebrating the Fourth of July with an English twist that involves the brewing of something other than rebellion, BBP aims to furnish you with beer, BBQ, and an honouring of "The Special Relationship" -- you know, the one where Britain and her former colony agree to hate France. The whole thing's taking place in Wandsworth Common's Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, whose stiff upper bricks house Le Gothique, the restaurant that will be charring up your distinctly US-style burgers, hotdogs, and sides, all of which are comped in your ticket.The beer is also a cross-pond affair: you'll get a pull from a barrel of Bostonian Sam Adams upon arrival, plus two tickets good for your choice of a half-dozen American pale ale casks all made right here in the UK, including an offering from Dark Star (made w/ a specially imported US yeast strain), The Triple FFF Ramble Tamble (uses all-American Warrior hops), and one from Houston -- the Scottish Houston, but it'll still seem like the solution to all your problems. Also available: Gothique's everyday lineup of indie UK brews, which seems odd as it's nominally a French restaurant, but hey, it's the 4th of July -- everybody gets Le'd.