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80+ tequilas on Sloane Square

Staging his comeback after his nightclub Public was closed for being too awesome (or "loud", according to the council), Guy Pelly has toned it down with a more intimate venue in Sloane Square. Despite being smaller, the place gets festive, Mexican-style, with colourfully faux-aged walls, copper tables, and an elevated old-timey model train that can deliver shots around the room -- one rail that's probably not a virgin.The drinks are the star of the show, with an 80+ lineup of tequilas (including "some of the rarest on the planet") informing half a dozen margs, as well as somewhat insane sharers like the Mayan Pyramid, served in an actual model of one, down which runs a flaming "waterfall" of three tequilas, raspberry & agave. There's also a life-size ceramic luchador head filled by blanca, mint, lime & elderflower, a big enough challenger that they recommend four of you wrestle it to the ground, then playfully torture it.You'll also find a tapas-style menu of mini burritos, shredded chicken tacos, tuna ceviche, and crispy squid in tomatillo salsa -- given the alcohol content of this place, it's best you eat something, lest you too be closed down for being too awesome.