Food & Drink

Time to take some shots

Take a moment from defensively claiming that you're watching women's beach volleyball for the articles, and actually participate in another sexy Olympic sport: table tennis, at Ping. Officially launching today in West Kensington, it's a paddle-driven underground drinkery where b&w photos of bat-in-hand old-school celebs provide inspiration, and studded Chesterfields provide respite from all the sort-of exhausting volleying

The three tables -- as well as the foosball rig -- are all free to play on a casual first come-first... serve basis; or, if your darts proficiency and raging dependency issues make you better suited for table tennis's infamous offshoot, they'll provide the red Solo cups and balls for beer pong.

Beyond beer, you can load up on house cocktails from a former Bungalow 8 mixologist, like a Dark n' Stormy variant made with 63% Wray & Nephew rum ("Don’t make plans tomorrow"), and a refreshingly rhubarb'd Aperol spritz.

They've also snagged a 15yr veteran chef from the Italian Pizza Academy to load up discs with everything from salami & hot peppers to handmade apple/pork sausages & bacon, after which the new women's volleyball rule of "must always wear shirt" will be applied to you.