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The two best things in life come to the Sloaney Poney

Published On 07/27/2011 Published On 07/27/2011
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1. Beer & Cheese at The White Horse 1-3 Parson, London, SW6 4UL

Happening a week from tomorrow, this Aug-toberfest will see the Sloaney Pony taken over by the revered brewmaster from Maryland's Flying Dog as he talks guests through a cheese-paired tasting session of his more experimental and rare barley-pops, such as the 11.5% Double Dog double pale ale, the barrel-aged Gonzo porter, the Belgian-India Pale Ale Raging Bitch, and the mutant ale/lager Old Scratch -- an American folk-name for Satan, so when you say "the Devil made me do it", you kind of won't be lying.