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Schnapps & schnitzels in a chalet

Austria doesn't get the attention it deserves -- especially considering it produced Mozart, Freud, and a certain dictator who Freud would say was waaay overcompensating for his missing testicle -- but Bodo's here to change that, by recreating an Alpine ski Chalet in Ken. High Street, filling the space with oak, stone, and, of course, blonde waitresses dressed in dirndls.

The schnapps-driven bar sees a dozen varieties charging cocktails like the Saint Bernard (hazelnut/cognac will rescue your insobriety), the Madloch (plum/pressed apple), and the Harakiri (apricot/ tequila/ passionfuit). Sharers, meanwhile, start relatively sane (a ceramic Ski Boot of overproof rums & "exotic syrups", or a Cuckoo Clock filled w/ tequila, Cointreau & apple), before going completely off-piste with the Ice Castle: a hand-carved, frozen, turreted sculpture for your table, with limitless house cocktail flowing through it on its way to getting medieval on your liver

Preparing your belly for the onslaught is a traditional menu of pretzel-bunned schnitzels, dumplings w/ bratwurst, and beef goulash w/ spaetzle -- traditional Austrian pasta shaped like a ball, though hopefully you'll get more than one.