Rooftop 360

Long Beach is known for many things: a huge aquarium, shout outs from Snoop Dogg, malls, and, um, hmmm... you've already heard about the aquarium, right? Finally adding "a sweet rooftop pool bar" to that list: Rooftop 360, opening Friday.

Claiming to be the LBC's first-ever building-top pool lounge, the Avia Hotel's Rooftop 360 features all the plush-ass accoutrement you'd expect, like massive umbrellas, cushioned-up loungers, and couches made of wicker, on which to park Josh Hartnett and ask him what the f#$^& he's been doing. If you want to show the LBC how you roll, they've got private cabanas, w/ bottle-service booziness that comes in packages, ranging from the $200 "Bikini and Beer" (cabana service, two buckets of beer, and a bucket of ...water), the $400 "Party Starter" (the same plus a bottle of booze w/ mixers and garnishes), and the four buckets of beer, two bottles of booze $700 "Make it A Double", also the only way to answer the question, "What's Kirstie Alley's catch phrase?". They've also got glossed-up small plate fare ranging from starters like taro root chips and mixed queen olives & nuts, to sandwiches/salads like the blue cheesed tossed wedge w/ onion rings, a flat iron steak sandwich with paprika garlic fries, and three rooftop sliders, which, at the very least, better include Jerry O'Connell and John Rhys-Davies.

The whole roof's available to the public for a small cover charge, but only opens on weekends -- so if you find yourself in Long Beach during the week you're better off, um...maybe going to an arcade or something? Have you heard about this aquarium they've got?!? Oh, right.